In continuing our rollout of mini-shorts for the next few weeks leading up to the early November release of the edit we showed at XOXO Fest, we chose a fun little clip about the profound importance of the touch interface. These shorts and the eventual release of the XOXO edit are all thanks to our release sponsor AdBlock, who has just recently rolled out their new mobile solution.

With the modern pace of tech news, it's easy to forget how fundamentally the touch interface has expanded the audience of who is interacting with apps on a daily basis. The widespread adoption of touch interfaces has moved the acquisition of and interaction with software from the exclusive realm of professionals and enthusiasts to the mainstream of pop culture.

In this short taken from our XOXO Fest edit, Björn Jeffery, the CEO of Toca Boca, Ken Wong, the designer of Monument Valley, and John Gruber, the proprietor of Daring Fireball, weigh in on what makes touch such an accessible interface—even for those who have never interacted with a computer before.

Also, a shout out to our friend Steven Aquino, the writer of a great accessibility blog, who is also featured in the short. We were able to get a short, last second interview with with Steven on one of our production trips and he's become a huge asset to the film, helping us fact check accessibility claims.

Again, please overlook the rough edges—the color grading and audio mixing stick out the most to us, but we're putting our energies towards moving the film forward. We hope you love it.

Much love,
Jake & Jed

Video Credits:
Featuring: Björn Jeffery, Ken Wong, John Gruber
Special Thanks: Steven Aquino, John Voorhees, Joe Rosensteel, Asana, Toca Boca, Pacific Helm (RIP)
Musical Score By: Enoch Kim