2014 was a banner year for our project and its passing neatly coincides with us moving into a new stage of the project.

In 2015, look forward to us ramping up our sharing of photos, outtakes, blog post, and videos on a more frequent basis as we move towards the release of the film.

In fact, here’s a little ditty to whet your whistle.

We could sit and listen to Neven talk forever. Like so many of our interviewees, the guy has insight for days and the work to back it up. We knew this gem in particular would be a great addition to the ongoing conversation around design aesthetic. So we’re letting it fly the nest early for your enjoyment.

For us, this was a great chance to work out the look, feel, and pacing we’re striving for with the film. It also gave us a chance to work with our talented composer Enoch Kim.

Let us know what you think.

Much Love,

Jake & Jed

Video Credits:
Featuring: Neven Mrgan
Apps featured: 76 Synthesizer, doubleTwist Alarm Clock, and Tweetbot
Videos featured: Material Design - ©Google, 1980 Toyota Corolla - ©Toyota
Special Thanks: Rod McSweeney and Panic
Musical Score By: Enoch Kim


Some design will always be great.

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