Earlier this year, we shared how John Nack generously introduced us to Matías Duarte, Google's VP of Design.

This was big for the film. Being able to combine the perspective and insights of the platform creators with the voices of the developers creating for those platforms makes for a more fleshed out perspective.

When it comes to mobile apps, Android and iOS are the show. And only two people, Jony Ive and Matías Duarte, are the gatekeepers who decide what over 95% of the world experiences on their devices.

Matías blew our minds on his first interview. He spoke with passion about his craft, the current struggles of the industry, where he hopes we’re headed with our interaction with apps, and the role technology plays in defining our humanity. Since then, we've had the chance to shoot with him a few times with amazing access. Every time, we walk away with profound things to consider.

In the lead up to the release of our XOXO rough edit we thought we would lead with this clip from Matías because it's just a whole lot of fun and he hits it out of the park.

A quick shout out to AdBlock who is sponsoring the online premiere of the XOXO rough cut. Super cool people.

We hope you enjoy!

Much love,
Jake & Jed

p.s. Yes, we are trying to get in touch with Jony Ive for an interview.

Video Credits:
Featuring: Matías Duarte, Vice President of Design at Google
Special Thanks: John Nack, Liz Markman, Marta Mortensen
Musical Score By: Enoch Kim