Wow. It's time! It feels like a lifetime ago that we premiered the cut you're about to watch at XOXO Fest. What you're going to see is a rough cut of the first 12 or so minutes of the film + a short teaser at the end.

We're so grateful to those of you who have supported the film—especially over the last few months with your encouraging words and re-tweets of shorts. Last, but far from least, we'd like to thank super backer Gabriel Cubbage from AdBlock for jumping on as our Premiere Sponsor for the online release of this cut. Through these combined efforts, we have been able to keep our heads down, pushing the film forward.

Where We're Headed

Since the first computer, humanity has been fashioning digital tools to extend our capabilities and augment our reality. Thanks to these tools, mankind has surged forward in understanding of ourselves, the world, and what lies beyond.

In the early days of the personal computer—as developers realized they could wield a tool that could become almost any other tool—a pioneering spirit was born. Unrecognized by most, these developers were laying the groundwork for a worldwide phenomenon.

Flash forward to the release of the iPhone in 2007. It, along with subsequent devices, would be the catalyst for the bulk of humanity interacting with software on a daily basis, then an hourly basis, and finally a nearly constant basis.

Looking forward from here, we realize that we stand in the midst of a tide—risen beyond retreat. There is not a day in the foreseeable future where the majority will not have a computer always on us.

The true greatness of these devices is the apps: an endless catalog of incantations, capable of empowering with superpowers of productivity and connectivity, while equally capable of stealing attention and bringing isolation.

Each of us, as individuals, has become the unlikely voice in shaping software. It’s up to us to decide how beautiful this future will be. We do this with the software we create, the apps we buy or give our attention to, and the platforms we build for others. You big deal.

So here, in its rough form, is the beginning of the story we’re wrestling to tell. As you will see we have a long way to go, but we’re not discouraged. It’s not where we start that defines the film, but where we finish.

Help us shape it into something we all can be proud of. We welcome your notes.


Much love,
Jake & Jed

Cast (in order of appearance): John Gruber, Matías Duarte, Laura Savino, Adam Lisagor, Scott Snibbe, Windy Chien, Cabel Sasser, Neven Mrgan, Ish Shabazz, Heather Buletti, Jake Lodwick, Pasquale D'Silva, Jason Snell, Steven Frank, Björn Jeffery, Ken Wong, Steven Aquino, Ashley Nelson-Hornstein, Marco Arment, Sebastiaan de With, Denys Zhadanov, Igor Zhadanov, and Brent Simmons
Special thanks to: Our cast (you'll be seeing many more), Andy and Andy for having us at XOXO, our EP Adam Lisagor for awesome notes, our wives and kids who saw a lot less of us during this season, and everyone who has loaned us a couch or shared a drink with us while traveling.
Musical Score By: Enoch Kim