Here it is, the last of our rollout of mini-shorts leading up to the release of the edit we showed at XOXO Fest. In this short, we picked a segment capturing a profound moment recounted by Sebastiaan de With.

Burnt out on the tech world, Sebastiaan escaped to Alaska on his bike to rethink everything. He's not alone in wondering if his digital contribution to the world has any real meaning. There is a profound joy and power that comes from being able to create from nothing but the space between your ears. Yet that joy is often contrasted by a nagging wonder. What is the real value of great digital design? Is it only noticed by a few or has the cultural revolution of apps inadvertently prompted everyday people to consider UI and UX and start to expect better experiences—even if only subconsciously?

Can the etherial world of painstakingly arranged bits have real effect or value on the world of atoms? These are the questions being asked and struggled with as we transition into the world of ever present bits.

We're really excited for you to see the XOXO edit and we're even more excited for you to see what will be the final film that we're grinding on everyday.

Again, please overlook the rough edges. We hope you love it.

Much love,
Jake & Jed

These shorts and the eventual release of the XOXO edit are all thanks to our release sponsor AdBlock, who has just recently rolled out their new mobile solution.

Video Credits:
Featuring: Sebastiaan de With
Featured App: Paper by Facebook
Musical Score By: Enoch Kim