An indie film of this scope is only made possible by extraordinary human effort. These are the people bringing you what we hope will be a beautiful, accurate, and inspiring look at the cultural phenomenon of apps.

Full credits (including cast) coming soon.

Founding Executive Producers

Jake Schumacher

Director & Executive Producer

Whether it’s in woodworking or digital creation, Jake is passionate about ideas that will outlive him. Paired with his fascination for story, humanity, and technology, Jake is always coming up with terrible ideas just to make room for the truly brilliant ones.

Jake shares the overall creative direction, preproduction, shooting, editing, design, and vfx/mfx work with Jedidiah and covers the majority of the writing for the project.

Jedidiah Hurt

Director & Executive Producer

A habitual and thoughtful creator, Jedidiah’s attention to detail and his eye for excellence have served him well—whether he’s designing and developing web apps for large national corporations or launching an indie production company to make an important documentary.

Jedidiah shares the overall creative direction, preproduction, shooting, editing, design, and vfx/mfx work with Jake and covers all the development for the project.

Adam Lisagor

Executive Producer

With a passion for story, detail and timing, Adam has paired his deep love of technology with amazing video abilities, making Sandwich Video the premiere production company for tech companies to introduce their wares.

As he did with commercial production, Adam fell into his role as Executive Producer by accident. As a friend and mentor of Jake’s, he was kind enough to give Jedidiah and Jake insightful feedback during the early stages of the project. And now they keep coming back for more. His insight in all things video and story-related is invaluable, much like his time is quickly becoming. You’ve seen him on tv, right?

Executive Producers

Dave Morin

Executive Producer

Dave Morin is an American entrepreneur, angel investor, and the CEO and co-founder of the social network Path. A former manager at Facebook, he co-created the Facebook Platform and Facebook Connect.

Don & Darcy Schumacher

Executive Producer

Yep. Jake's mom and dad. With a deep love for the desert, golfing, and their grandchildren, Don and Darcy have been early believers in their son’s creative abilities.

Greg Stikeleather

Executive Producer

As a serial entrepreneur, Greg has founded and run companies acquired by Microsoft and Netscape, been a managing partner at a San Francisco venture capital firm and run the first usability testing lab for Apple while they created the first commercial graphical interface.


Enoch Kim

Musical Score

Enoch Kim is a musician and a composer who loves telling stories through music.