Catching Up

If you missed it, we are rolling out a mini-short for the next few weeks leading up to the November 3rd release of the edit we showed at XOXO Fest mid-September. All this thanks to AdBlock. If you missed last week's short with Matías Duarte you can see it here.

Our XOXO Fest edit was our first polished pass at the opening act of the documentary. Since XOXO, we have been soldiering on with the edit—in fact we're even changing up the first act a bit, but we thought you would still enjoy seeing its first polished iteration. Plus, we're excited to hear your critique and use that to shape the film.

Discussing Super Powers With Heather and Jake

We went into both our interviews with Heather Buletti and Jake Lodwick mostly blind. Heather was recommended and introduced us by Cabel Sasser while we were in Portland interviewing him and Steven Frank. Heather has been working at Panic for close to 2 years now and is the iOS developer primarily working on Prompt. Immediately upon starting the interview, we were excited as Heather jumped right into the grand potential of software for humanity with a rarely heard optimism, reminding us that despite all the cynicism, software remains our best tool for our most difficult problems.

Jake Lodwick came across our radar when our EP Adam Lisagor recommended we check out Keezy in Brooklyn while we were on our trip out to New York to interview Marco Arment. There are two versions of Jake that exist: the one the darker sides of the Internet have constructed and then the real, living one. The person we had the privilege of spending time with is immensely contemplative, considerate, immensely creative, and working on a grand vision to empower people to create music. If you remember, Jake created Vimeo which is one of the most positive creative communities on the Internet. His interview was profound and struck right to the heart of the interaction of humanity and software. If you listen to just one of the full interviews from this project, Jake's is easily in the top 3.

This short is lifted right from the XOXO edit. We love it for its vision, optimism, and call for personal responsibility. Please overlook rough edges— the color grading and audio mixing stick out the most to us but we're putting our energies towards moving the film forward. We hope you love it.

Much Love,
Jake & Jed

Video Credits:
Featuring: Jake Lodwick, founder of Vimeo and Keezy; Heather Buletter, iOS developer at Panic
Special Thanks: Panic, Keezy
Musical Score: Enoch Kim